ThumbsUp International is a non-profit organization based in Miami, FL USA and organized in 2015. ThumbsUp's mission is to expand attitudes about life's possibilities by connecting people across all abilities to conquer athletic challenges together. We can all dream a little bigger by asking for help and working together. ThumbsUp places people in a position to help fellow adaptive/disabled athletes reach their goals. We hope to elevate the importance of inclusivity, empathy and resilience in our community through races and educational outreach programs in schools. Our pursuit of happiness is the realization that we grow as we face and overcome our struggles and challenges, large and small, resulting in a richer and more satisfying life - especially when it can be shared with others.

"Humility is actually an act of strength. You have to have a really solid core to expose yourself to the discomfort, and to some degree, the suffering, of not being good at something."


- Amy Saidman


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