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ThumbsUp Volunteers and Athletes:

Clara  Alarcon


Rebecca Manning

Mark Hoffman

Mia Hoffman

Jordan Hoffman

Valeria Rodriguez

Holly Barnhart

Blake Starr

Maricarmen Saleta

Brett Atwood

Cristelle Caron

Alex Bader

Stepanie Mejia

Zaza Camacho

Karla Martinez

Maximiliano Andrada

José Andrada


Julio Mendez

Ari Weinstein


Karin Davis

Francesta Marcelin

Darren Kreitman

ThumbsUp's success and growth depends on the selfless work of volunteers for a variety of projects and races. We are involved in a number of projects in a wide range of areas, anywhere from film-making to kit design, colateral material, race and events marketing, transportation, social media, fitness programs, writing newsletters, school presentations, photography, educational outreach, partnerships with other organizations, fundraising, website design, database management, etc.

Most important is a good attitude, a fun disposition, and a willingness to help scale ThumbsUp so it can positively affect the lives of many more people.

Contact us and join us!

ThumbsUp offers Community Service Hours to students and we very much need your input because in large measure ThumbsUp's mission is to educate and directly impact the lives of young people in our community.

Help empower us to bring athletes, young and old, abled and differently abled, together as a community of equals.

ThumbsUp Partners:

Love Button - Meg Nocero & John Marino


MackCycle - 



Cristina Ramirez

DiveHeart Foundation



Hammerheads of South Florida



Natalie Morales

Radical Partners

Joan Godoy

Hormiga Productions

Julio Mendez

Coral Gables Cinematheque

Brenda Moe -

Elizabeth Dedios -

Miami Dade Public Schools

Miami Country Day School

Jenny Knight 

Ransom Everglades School - 

West Lab Elementary School

Holly Barnhart

Gulliver School

Valeria Rodriguez

Riviera Preparatory School

Jessica Lanz

Ada Merritt K-8 Center

Julie Weaver

David Fairchild Elementary School

Special Olympics


Design and Architecture Senior High School (D.A.S.H.)

LifeTime Fitness

Frank Ruiz

Cathy Herring

Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Event

Jackson Health System

Miracle League

Miami Foundation

My Face is America

Stephen Wiseman



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