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ThumbsUp International

ThumbsUp International is a non-profit organization based in Miami, FL USA and organized in 2015. ThumbsUp's mission is to expand attitudes about life's possibilities by connecting people across all abilities to conquer athletic challenges together. We can all dream a little bigger by asking for help and working together. ThumbsUp places people in a position to help fellow adaptive/disabled athletes reach their goals. We hope to elevate the importance of inclusivity, empathy and resilience in our community through races and educational outreach programs in schools. Our pursuit of happiness is the realization that we grow as we face and overcome our struggles and challenges, large and small, resulting in a richer and more satisfying life - especially when it can be shared with others.

  • ThumbsUp to Women’s International Month: 


To mark the 2022 International Women’s Month this March, FIU based Inscipio Arts Magazine is featuring Kerry’s life, her partnership with Caryn and the story of ThumbsUp International. We are deeply honored by the selection. The segment includes videos that range over many years of Kerry’s adventures, also videos with Caryn Lubetsky. The videos of both women are interspersed with comments and answers in interviews with Inscipio Arts Magazine Founder/Editor-in-Chief Raymond Elman. The two friends describe themselves as soulmates rather than teammates, and show the power of women to build a stronger, more caring community and world together. They’re also united in dedication to young people and the core understanding that youth are the drivers of the societal change we seek. 


The video interview is on the Inspicio website in the #1 position this month only. But the story will be on the website forever. 


We encourage all our friends and ThumbsUp family to register for a free subscription to Inspicio Arts Magazine. This online magazine offers a panoply of local leaders with all different perspectives on the arts world. Here is the link:

  •  If you are 18 years old and under consider being a part of ThumbsUp's 1st Youth Board of Directors. Our First Zoom meeting is on Friday, Dec. 10 at 7:00 pm. Send us an email expressing you interest at

  •  ThumbsUp raises $5,028 during 2021 GiveMiamiDay. Thank you!

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Race Calendar

Training for Life Bridge Repeats:

Every Thursday am for all levels.
(Ask to join the WhatsApp group for details) @ Rickenbacker Causeway Bridge

​LifeTime Tropical 5K  (Feb 5)
LifeTime Miami Half-Marathon (Feb 6)
LifeTime Miami Marathon (Feb 6)

St. Thomas Episcopal 5K 
Huntington's Triathlon 


Superintendent's 5K 
305 Half-Marathon & 5K 


ALS Recovery Fund 5K/10K
305 Triathlon 


Integrity Multisport Tri Race 1


Integrity Multisport Tri Race 2


Integrity Multisport Tri Race 3


KBTri Bonus Race
UPS 5K in Coral Gables 


ZooRun 5K 
St. Thomas Episcopal 5K




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We visit schools during the year to give presentations and spread our message of fitness and inclusivity for athletes of diverse abilities.
Schools visited:
Miami Country Day, Riviera Prep, Ransom Everglades Middle School, WestLab Elementary, Ada Merritt K-8

Contact us if you would like us to visit your school or speak to your organization.

"ThumbsUp International - Together We Can"


ThumbsUp has a free e-book for download. Click on the book icon on the left to be taken to the virtual bookstore.

Want to preview the entire hardcopy book and purchase your own copy? Click on the book badge.

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"Each of us has different talents, different dreams and different destinations yet we all have the power to make a new tomorrow at any time."

Our Mission

Expand attitudes about life's possibilities by connecting people across all abilities to conquer athletic challenges together.

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