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Interested in ThumbsUp International's mission of working towards the inclusivity of all athletes in race events?

We are very lean and depend on our committed volunteers to make an even greater impact. 

ThumbsUp can operate well on $10K per year and we are looking to find the right sponsor that will commit to a 5 year partnership from 2020-25. This will help us take our program to another level, impacting many more diversely abled athletes.


We also have all sorts of opportunities to get you involved and help us grow.

• We need assistance reaching schools and community organizations.

• We need help managing our race events.

• We need help with communications, website, and social media.

• We need help with fundraising.

• We need help with graphic design and audio-visual

• We need help keeping our books and our documentation in order.

Want to help, but don't know where you fit in? Reach out to us and we'll find you an interesting task!

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